We do not believe anyone?

We do not believe anyone. Especially for those who represent power. This was so fixed in our worldview that we, perhaps, will even be surprised at what (and should) be different, writer Leonid Kostyukov believes.

Our attitude to stereotypes, as a rule, is careful. Not in an empty place they grew up. There is no smoke without fire. Therefore – for me personally, situations are of particular importance when stereotpes are directly incorrect. Well, the most striking example, planted in my generation since childhood: rich, especially American bourgeois, are thick, and the poor are thin. It is enough to visit America once in order to notice that at least now, the situation is strictly the opposite: the poor visit cheap fast food and chopped down, and the rich prefer healthy diet, fitness and harmony.

From incredulity to stereotypes, we smoothly go to the stereotype of gullibility. In a frank conversation, one American told me that they consider us Brain-Washed (that is, simply put, with washed brains). I will clarify that it was about the confidence of the people to the official point of view. At the same time, the trust of the Americans in their own authorities is not absolutely, but quite high;ours is close to zero – I think this observation is unlikely to dispute. It is enough to talk with a pensioner, student, teacher, migrant worker, liberal, patriot, communist to diagnose the notorious level of trust with a pensioner, a student, a teacher, a teacher. So I got the next exhibit in my collection of false stereotypes. And at first he experienced pure joy: what are we all smart and cunning! How hard it is to deceive us (we do not believe anything)! But then two considerations overshadowed my joy.

Firstly, our vigilance and incredulity in themselves do not bring expected fruits. Thieves and corrupt officials are unable to hide their sins, but theft and corruption continue in a bright. Secondly, without a bit of trust in at least some leaders, we are unlikely to get out of the position in which we found ourselves.

Recall the latest story. Perestroika responded with euphoria in a significant part of the population. Confidence in the new authorities was. The credit of confidence in Yeltsin, for example, the awaiting changes was huge – he spent him at measures that would not be forgiven anyone else. On the other hand, after 70 years of dull metaphysical uniformity, people believed anyone – psychics, water conspirators, Krishnas, witches. The Monk Shoko Asahara, who later turned out to be a simple criminal, huddled the masses from the television screen. If you summarize the ending of the last century in one word, I think the best thing is suitable: you still cannot believe the sorcerers and the authorities to believe.

Today, trust in society is horizontal in nature. If you and I were in the same compartment, bus, intercourse (the option is in one cottage village, a five -star hotel), then we are approximately the same blood and we can confidentially discuss it yes. Trust between the layers, between the straps, especially between any leader and any … I do not want to say a “crowd” or “mass” – any human community is minimal. This effect was well observed by visitors to protest rallies. The point is not that the liberals, patriots and communists, who, except for the dislike of Putin and “United Russia,” are not binded there. Worse, a liberal -minded audience in half and disbelief is listening to a liberal leader. And from man to person – a rather quick gaze and smile to form a corridor of trust.

The result of these thoughts and observations is quite sad. We do not trust the

authorities simply because it is power (having, however, a giant experience confirming the appropriateness of this distrust). In order to avoid chaos, such a turnover of affairs is somehow gradually settled in which the authorities do not need our trust. So we live – like spouses, who have already parted, but did not arrange a divorce, each in their own room, and the less we meet in the apartment, the better. Well, observing elementary hygiene rules, you can ..

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